IDP is focusing on individual approach, small group training environment and rapid results. Program is geared to supplement the team training allowing players to work on the areas of the soccer craft they need to improve. It is designed to offer affordable, high quality and intensity sessions to maximize the result and speed up the development of the players. Small group approach allows to combine the players of the same age and skills, as well as to allow the coach’s individual attention to maximize the progress.

Ball Mastery & Individual Technique

Sessions will focus on mastering the ball handling, ball control and improvement of the in-game individual technique elements. They will include drills allowing players to improve the receiving, fakes and speed of play and with both feet. Sessions will also be designed to improve the speed and quality of dribbling as well as ability to improve in real time small space game situation.

Strength, Speed & Agility

Practices will be run with the goal of improving the speed on the field as well as the reaction time. They will be complimented by the drills focusing on the agility of the run, cuts, direction changes and overall motorial skills improvements. We will also focus on the correction of the form of the players posture while moving and running eliminating fault movements resulting in the increase of speed and flexibility. Practices will also highlight drills allowing players to better their reach in jumps and improving the overall coordination.

Fitness & Conditioning

Program is designed to improve the durability of the players allowing them to keep their bodies in the game fit condition or improving it to get into the desired durability level. Practices will focus on fitness drills, improving muscle tone, reducing body fat as well as increasing players physical parameters. The program should allow players for better body’s oxygen management resulting in increased efficiency and durability. The program will be paired with the specific dietary plan created for each player to improve the results.

High School & College Preparation

Program is designed individually for the needs of High School and College athletes trying to reach their next goals in soccer development. It is run by college coaches in order to quickly evaluate the areas of potential improvements and address them. It is an effective way to fast track your skills and improve overall performance.


All rates are for eight, 1 hour sessions. Groups are max 6 players per coach. All sessions are held at Soccerplex

School of Technique & Ball Mastery / Strenght, Speed & Agality / Fitness & Conditioning / Hight School & College Preparation – $280 per player ($240 for current SC Vistula players)

School of Goalkeeping – $320 per player ($280 for current SC Vistula players)

Referral Discount

Each current IDP participants will receive $15.00 discount for referring a new (not previously participating) players who is going to register for IDP sessions. Please make sure that the new player mentions the referring part while registering.

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